Why Here?

Sao Paulo

Florida, Latin America and the Caribbean are very different regions, but have common characteristics:

a)  Growth Economies

All are strongly growing economies, with huge future development potential – consider Brazil, Peru, Mexico

b)  Open to Investors

All are open to foreign investors and welcome international commerce. Pacific coast countries are turning towards China, Japan, Australia and other Asian markets. Atlantic coast countries are expanding their traditional ties with Europe and the USA.

c)  Diversified Economies

All have very diversified economies, incorporating local traditions and local and imported technologies

d)  Common Language

All (except Brazil) are linked by the Spanish language, facilitating regional trade and relationships



  • Florida, the Sunshine State, has the fourth largest economy and population of the United States (after California, Texas and New York)
  • By 2016, Florida’s population will reach 20 million (18.5 Million now), making it the third largest US state
  • In 2000, just 1 in 20 Americans lived in Florida; by 2030, the US Census Bureau projects that 1 in 12 will
  • More than just an attractive climate and state, Florida is a world class economic center
  • With a GDP of $735 Billion, Florida ranks 18th among world countries, before Turkey, Australia or The Netherlands
  • ameriqueFlorida’s GDP grew by 21% over the last three years, making it an important investment target
  • The gateway to Latin America, Miami is the 7th largest US city, with 170 international headquarters


  • Latin America has great geographic, ethnic and cultural diversity
  • Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Peru drive the Latin American economy
  • Almost 80 million people live in six major cities: Mexico City, 19.2 million; Sao Paulo, 18.6M; Buenos Aires, 13.5M; Rio de Janeiro, 11.6M; Lima, 8.4M, and Bogota 8M
  • Latin America’s population tripled in the second half of the 20th century, to 580 million
  • GDP is $5.16 Trillion with tremendous annual growth rates of 6+% for many countries