Multiple and complex steps are involved in preparing for and executing your project.


  • FB Consulting helps you understand your motivation, objectives and vision
  • FB Consulting helps you analyze how your personal goals and skills match the project
  • FB Consulting helps you determine financial and immigration requirements


  • FB Consulting helps you develop a 5-year business plan incorporating strategy, actions and means
  • Based on a market study, the business plan also details marketing and financial¬† strategies
  • The formal business plan is essential for immigration and other administrative agencies, as well as bankers.
  • Located in Miami, FB Consulting is close to your business and the various economic and government organizations


  • Both culturally and administratively, the United States and Latin America are very different from Europe
  • FB Consulting draws upon a network of prominent and reputable experts to prepare all of the formalities and legal aspects of the project
  • FB Consulting acts as a facilitator and intermediary between you and our carefully selected, qualified professionals, including bankers, attorneys, accountants, realtors, etc.


  • In the final stage, all of the strategies are launched, including sales, communication, lobbying, etc.
  • Once your project is launched, FB Consulting tracks sales results, and if necessary helps you develop alternative strategies to achieve objectives.